About Me

I love all humans. Also, I often snort when I laugh.

I’m so stoked you made it to my page to check me out! I am Amy Anderson, the owner and creative director of Lemon Wing. I have been photographing professionally for over 20 years. My favorite aspect of this job is being able to witness and capture so many aspects of the human experience. I love humans, and I love art, and combining the two, is the double dip cream dream of all time.

My objective as a photographer is to capture the beauty that is present in every human in a way that is fun, easy, and uncomplicated.

Something I’m also passionate about is giving back to my community. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT with Skagit County District 8 and South Whatcom Fire Authority and absolutely love this work as well.

Fun Facts about Amy

  • In 6th grade, we were asked to do an oral report on our favorite animal, and I chose the Loch Ness Monster. (killed it)
  • My favorite sound, is a dog eating a potato chip.
  • I think there is no better moment than when a when someone yard-sales it under the chairlift.
  • I have been an avid skydiver since 2005, and have over 500 skydives.
  • One of the coolest things that has ever happened to me, is when I was on a jump, and a hawk came and flew with me while under canopy.
  • People have told me that they love my laugh, I have also been told I sound like a hyena.
  • I wore a propeller hat and a safari vest for 8 years when I worked for The Picture People. A photograph of me in said vest and hat was on a coupon that went out a million families.
  • When I was 10, my big brother and I dug a 4 ft hole and lured my little brother into it, when he fell in and sprained his ankle, I felt horrible.
  • When I was 6 years old, I slept in a tent in the corner of our 20 acres, for an entire summer by myself, and loved every minute.
Behind the scenes: Always come prepared!
Behind the scenes: adjusting the bride's dress
Behind the scenes: aerial shoot

Curious about my rates?

Do you want to see if I’m more affordable than Annie Leibovitz? (I am). Check out the investment page.

We capture the soul

having an experience

We capture the soul having an experience